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unique jewellery

We have a full cycle of jewellery making! From visualising your ideas and wishes into a sketch, to creating and refining the final jewell

Operating procedure

Creating a sketch

The first and most important stage in manufacturing, is the creation of a sketch and a complete drawing of the future product. At this stage, the idea begins its path of incarnation into matter. Every detail and meaning of each symbol in the product is personalized for each client.

3D design

The next step in creating the jewellery, is an exact elaboration of its 3D look. 3D modeling. Here, the dimensions of all gems are taken into account as accurately as possible, the overall shape, all bends and small details are worked out. At this stage, the approximate weight of the product is already known. And most importantly! The customer sees how his decoration will look exactly from all sides and can express his approval or make changes.

Material incarnation

We use the most modern technologies and follow the latest trends in the art of jewellery, but at the same time we observe the traditions that jewelers have kept and passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years, and after careful study of the idea, creating a sketch and a 3D model, a work of art is born, performed by an experienced jeweler after long hours of painstaking work on a small but very valuable masterpiece. Such a jewel can be stored and passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

We put our soul into each product that we create, and the biggest reward for our work, is the joy of the customer.

Anna Akimova

The author and designer of both her own jewellery collections, and exclusive products.

Director, jeweler - 3D designer

our experience

Wedding rings

Wedding is one of the most important events in life, and, of course, one of the most memorable! And wedding rings as a symbol of unity will accompany the couple in love for many years. By creating wedding rings we help the spouses to express their feelings for each other.



Original earrings in our performance truly decorate and add individuality to your look! In the manufacture we take into account the characteristics and preferences of each customer.


We have a huge experience in creating exclusive rings! Large, miniature, moving and having an incredible shape. Absolutely every idea will find a real embodiment in the precious metal in our workshop.

Unique Jewellery

We make exclusive jewellery. Cufflinks, rings, figurines with hidden symbols and family emblems. We also develop monograms and individual symbolism. Such jewelry masterpieces are becoming heirlooms and are kept in families for generations.